Statement from the Seattle Psychoanalytic Society and Institute

June 9, 2020

We understand, with great regret, that SPSI has been and is an overwhelmingly white organization.

We understand and affirm that this is true because of the long-standing systemic racism that is a feature of our Institute and the larger society.

We know that, despite our wish for an institute that is welcoming of all people and reflective of the diversity of the human race, SPSI has not been welcoming or reflective of this diversity, and has caused harm to our colleagues of color.

We affirm that sustained attention and difficult work is necessary to push through and change the conscious and unconscious attitudes, beliefs, and motivations that perpetuate racism at SPSI, and we pledge to continuously provide this attention and this work to create an inclusive, diverse, enlivening Institute and Society.

We also affirm our wish and will direct our efforts to create meaningful change in psychoanalysis as a healing practice, and in the greater society as a whole.

We have no wish to all speak with the same voice. We affirm that a chorus speaks most resonantly, most strongly, most eloquently, and most harmoniously when it consists of voices of many timbres, pitches, ranges, shapes, sizes, and colors, coming together from different directions and speaking together with common purpose.  This is what we wish for, and what we will work for, at SPSI, in psychoanalysis, in our country, and in the world.