Academic Training Program

TrainingProfessionals from non-mental health fields also participate in SPSI’s Psychoanalytic Training Program as Academic Associates (AAs). Training alongside Candidates, AAs study psychoanalysis to enhance their own teaching, research, or other activities in their profession.

AAs are guided by mentors at the Institute as they follow the curriculum of the Adult Psychoanalytic Training Program. AAs participate in all activities of the Institute that are open to Candidates, except for the practice of psychoanalysis. AAs attend and participate in clinical and theoretical seminars, attend scientific meetings, join organizational committees, and undertake independent study projects under the consultation of SPSI faculty.

SPSI is pleased to have introduced professionals from business, law, literature, sociology and primary medicine to the richness of the psychoanalytic perspective.

To get the most out of psychoanalytic training, we recommend AAs undergo their own personal psychoanalysis or “Training Analysis” with a clinical SPSI faculty member during their training.