SPSI Diversity Initiative

It is the mission of the SPSI Diversity Committee to weave diversity consciousness and practice into the fabric of our organization. We define   diversity from a broad perspective to include issues of race, ethnicity, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, class, immigration status, aging, disability, and other ways people experience or perceive difference and “otherness.” Rather than taking a “multicultural competence” approach, we are working to address disparities and foster openness, cultural responsiveness, interest and empathy across differences throughout our membership, clinical work, programming, and curricula.  We aspire to become an environment that is inclusive, equitable, and representative of the broader Seattle area community of which we are a part.

To facilitate broader participation and learning, this website includes information about programming, events, and resources specifically related to diversity and inclusion at SPSI (see links below). Attention to research, admissions, progression, and community partnership are integral aspects of the on-going efforts of the committee.  For further information about SPSI’s diversity and inclusion initiatives please contact any of the Diversity Committee Members.


Diversity Resource List (online version)

Diversity Resource List (Excel)