Pre-latency: Clinical Applications

Child Psychoanalytic Training (CPT)
2019-20, 2nd Trimester — Fridays, 10:15-11:45am
Donald Schimmel, PhD
Julie Wood, MA


This course is a clinical case conference. Clinical material will be presented by each CA and from the instructors (distinguishing it from the third trimester’s Continuous Case Conference). We will focus on the clinical applications of the material learned in the previous trimester’s course on treatment of pre-latency age children. We will foster a multi-theoretical perspective by looking at the same clinical material from multiple theoretical lenses. There are no assigned readings, but together we will choose a few that may feel particularly relevant to the cases presented.

(No class February 14 – APsaA Meeting in NYC)

Possible readings:

  • Fraiberg – Ghosts in the nursery, Parent-Infant psychotherapy
  • Furman – Intermittent Decathexis
  • Mahon – Psychoanalytic odyssey – guinea pig – grief and prelatency
  • Scharff – Psychoanalytic family therapy/couple therapy
  • Winnicott – transitional phenomenon
  • Tyson (Editor) – Analysis of the under 5 child
    • 4 yo with feminine presentation
    • Angry 2 ½ year old
    • Developmental considerations
    • Technique

December 6, 2019 — Getting Started

  • Talking with parents
  • Assessment
  • Recommendation for analysis
  • Problems of normal development and psychoeducation

Brainstorming from First Class on December 6:

  • Gender – Film, A kid like Jake, Read Ehrensoft
  • Differences within 0-5 for technique and parent work
  • Problems of normal development – sleep, eat, toilet, fears, attachment/separation anxiety, behavior and social problems, communication
  • Problems present in nursery school or child care setting
  • Autism spectrum
  • Transition to parenting

December 13, 2019 — Assessment and recommendation for analysis

Julie Wood will be out of town, can dial in.

Tyson, R.L. (2001) Analysis of the Under-Five Child, pp239-261

January 10, 2020 — Techniques in analytic treatment of the pre-latency child

Tyson, R.L. (2001) Analysis of the Under-Five Child, pp193-210

Tyson, R.L. (2001) Analysis of the Under-Five Child, pp262-281

January 17, 2020 — Clinical Material

Ellika, 4-year-old in treatment

January 24, 2020 — Clinical Material

Winnicott, transitional phenomenon

Don Schimmel will be out this session.

January 31, 2020 — Clinical Material

Tyson, R.L. (2001) Analysis of the Under-Five Child, pp71-98

February 7, 2020 — Clinical Material

Self psychology perspective

February 21, 2020 — Clinical Material

Intersubjective and relational

February 28, 2020 — Clinical Material

Don Schimmel will be out this session.

March 6, 2020 — Clinical Material

March 13, 2020 — Summary and Closure