Life Span Development II

2-Year Certificate Program (2YCP)
2022-23, 4th Term — Mondays, 6:30-7:45pm
Brian Pendergast, MA LMHC
Michael R. Allison, MA LMHC


Welcome to Life Span Development II; we’re excited to be on this eight-week journey with you as we explore how human beings grow and develop, all through a psychoanalytic lens. This course is designed to create space to think about several areas of development: what impacts development? How are your own developmental processes inevitably involved in the development of the people you work with therapeutically and psychoanalytically? What happens when these dyadic developmental paths conflict? Our hope is that these readings (and subsequent discussions) will spur on further exploration for you, as well as offer you ways of listening and thinking that aid you in interacting and intervening with your patients.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  1. identify developmental milestones from latency, adolescence, and adult development
  2. identify diverse models of lifespan development incorporating an orientation of multiplicity of self-states, and elements of gender, sexuality, culture and race
  3. identify the impact of early attachment on adult development, and subsequent relationships

April 3, 2023

[20 pages]

Erikson, E.H. (1984). Reflections on the Last Stage—And the First. Psychoanal. St. Child, 39:155-165

Vaillant, G.E. (1985). Loss as a Metaphor for Attachment. Am. J. Psychoanal., 45:59-67

April 10, 2023

[30 pages]

Harris, A. (2009) Ch3, “Chaos Theory as a Model for Development” in Gender as Soft Assembly, pp73-97

Morra, P. (2020) Some thoughts on the “new” latency age: Normality and psychopathology. International Forum of Psychoanalysis, 29:175-179

April 17, 2023

[33 pages]

Blos, P. (1967). “The Second Individuation Process of Adolescence.” PSC, 22:162-186.

Novick, J. & Novick, K. (2023) Teenism: The Prejudice Against Adolescents. Psychoanalytic Study of the Child, 76:140-147

April 24, 2023

[31 pages]

Shane, M. and Shane, E. (1989). The Struggle for Otherhood: Implications for Development in Adulthood. Psychoanal. Inq., 9:466-481

Tyminski, R. (2021) Adolescents Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic: ‘Every Day is Like Another Sunday‘. Journal of Analytical Psychology 66:546-560

May 1, 2023

[41 pages]

Bromberg, P.M. (1999) Ch10, “On Knowing One’s Patient Inside Out” in Standing in the Spaces, pp127-146

Pendergast, B.J. (2021) “Blurring the Lines: An exploration of Non-Analytic States of Mind in Analytic Relationships”, pp1-21.

May 8, 2023

[30 pages]

Colarusso, C.A., Montero, G.J. (2007). Transience During Midlife as an Adult Psychic Organizer: The Midlife Transition and Crisis Continuum. Psychoanal. St. Child, 62:329-358.

May 15, 2023

[14 pages]

Shah, D. (2022) When Racialized Ghosts Refuse to Become Ancestors: Tasting Loewald’s “Blood of Recognition” in Racial Melancholia and Mixed-Race Identities, Psychoanalytic Dialogues, 32:6, 584-597

May 21, 2023

[29 pages]

Ghent, E. (1990). Masochism, Submission, Surrender—Masochism as a Perversion of Surrender. Contemp. Psychoanal., 26:108-136.