Ego Psychology

Second Year Adult Psychoanalytic Training (APT)
2021-22, 1st Trimester — Fridays, 3:30-5:00pm
Martin Bullard, LICSW
Joel Martell, PhD


“Ego Psychology” is a theory of mind concerned with negotiations between somatic experience and demands of the external world.  As such it offers much to undertaking and articulating psychoanalytic processes.


September 10, 2021 — Contemporary Frameworks

Introductions, orientation to the ego dimension in clinical work.

Pine, F. (2020). On Observation, Theory, and the Mind of the Working Clinician. Psychoanal. Psychol., 37(2):89-97

September 17, 2021 — Historical Context

Topographic Model & Structural Models of the Mind.

Rapaport, D. & Gill, M.M. (1959). The Points of View and Assumptions of Metapsychology. Int. J. Psycho-Anal., 40:153-162.

September 24, 2021 — The Body & The Drives:

Ego Development:  On Loving ( Libido) / On Working (Aggression)

Zamanian, K. (2011). Attachment Theory as Defense: What Happened to Infantile Sexuality?. Psychoanal. Psychol., 28(1):33-47.

October 1, 2021 — From Primary to Secondary Process

Martin’s Case: “From Primary to Secondary Process – a fragile ego at work”

October 8, 2021 — Oedipus & The Infantile Neurosis

Solms, M. – Revision of the Theory of the Oedipus Complex (Unpublished)

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October 15, 2021 — The Defenses

Perry, J.C. & Bond, M. (2017). Addressing Defenses in Psychotherapy to Improve Adaptation. Psychoanal. Inq., 37(3):153-166

October 22, 2021 — The Adaptive Point of View

Hollander, N.C. (2017). Who Is the Sufferer and What Is Being Suffered? Subjectivity in Times of Social Malaise.  Psychoanalytic Dial., 27(6):635-650

October 29, 2021 — Compromise Formation

Abend, S.M. (2005). Analyzing Intrapsychic Conflict: Compromise Formation as an Organizing Principle. Psychoanal Q., 74(1):5-25.

November 5, 2021 — Therapeutic Action

Therapeutic Alliance & Transference Neurosis / Developmental & Analytic Object

Abend, S.M. (2007). Therapeutic Action in Modern Conflict Theory. Psychoanal Quarterly, 76s:1417-1442

November 12, 2021 — Technique, Neutrality and The Frame

Gray, P. (1990). The Nature of Therapeutic Action in Psychoanalysis. JAPA, 38:1083-1096.

November 19, 2021 — Interpretation

Joel’s Case – “Addiction treatment from a multi-modal ego perspective”

Busch, F. (1996). The Ego and Its Significance In Analytic Interventions. J. Amer. Psychoanal. Assn., 44:1073-1099