Relocation Milestones

This is a list of milestones—some we’ve passed and some we are looking forward to—as we make our way to our new home at 1938 Fairview Avenue East in the Eastlake neighborhood.

We encourage members of the SPSI community to make suggestions of activities and benchmarks that are missing from this list. Please email with any suggestions.

Early 2023

  • SPSI informed of major rent increase in the 4020 E Madison St location. Board makes decision not to renew and lease term ends at the end of June

June 2023

  • SPSI begins touring potential new spaces.

July 2023

  • After touring potential new locations, SPSI board settles on new location at 1938 Fairview East.
  • SPSI informs current landlords of our intent to move.
Floor plan of the SPSI office and classrooms in the Fairview location.

September 2023

  • First floor plans drafted for Fairview location.
  • Meet with architects to discuss plans & provide feedback

October 2023

  • Architects submit plans to city of Seattle for permitting.
  • SPSI Board passes resolution to withdraw Seattle Foundation funds for buildout and furnishing the Fairview location.
SPSI Board President Rock Hushka signing the lease for the Fairview location.

November 2023

  • Lease signed for Fairview location.

December 2023

  • Funds disbursed from Seattle Foundation for buildout, move, and furnishings.

January 2024

  • First community tour of Fairview location before build-out commences.
  • 3D models of new space?
  • Permit approved for new space
  • Plans for new space finalized

February 2024

  • Construction starts, pending permit review
  • Paint color and carpet selections made
  • Electrical and technology consult for teleconferencing stations in each classroom.

March 2024

  • First SPSI event in the new space! The 2YCP Information Session was on March 2 and went well, though we had a few hiccups. It was held in the Timber Lounge, which is the breakroom/lounge/presentation space for all the building tenants.
  • The SPSI Retreat on March 9 is the second event scheduled in the Timber Lounge space

April 2024

  • Walls and ceilings completed
  • Electrical and data infrastructure in place
  • Lighting installed
  • TVs for hybrid learning installed
  • Painting complete
  • Carpet installed
  • Picture rail for easy art installation installed
  • Final touchups and adjustments based on post-construction walkthrough.
  • Scheduled end of construction in April

May 2024

  • Now that construction is near-complete, the lease in the new space will start on May 1st.
  • Access will be given to all SPSI community members starting May 1st after setup through the building security system. Zan will be reaching out with details.
  • Moving items from the old space can start, since we are officially tenants.
  • Packing up starts
  • Goodbye Party in Madison space, including silent auctions, in-person book sale.

June 2024

  • End-of-year celebration in new SPSI space
  • SPSI lease ends on June 30th (last day in old space!)

Over the Summer

  • Buy and place furniture
  • Install shelving for library in classrooms and entry area
  • Move library books and shelve them
  • Hang artwork
  • Install computers and other technology needed for classrooms
  • Privacy film on ground-level windows
  • SPSI logo possibly added to main window as cling

September 2024

  • Classes start in new location