Taryn Beard, PsyD

Taryn Beard
Contact Information
  • Female
115 East 4th Avenue, Ellensburg, WA, USA, Suite 211, USA 98926
Practice Information
  • Psychotherapy

Welcome! I am a licensed clinical psychologist based in Washington State. My passion is helping others gain insight into their unconscious patterns and empowering them to transform their relationships with themselves, others, and their environments. Often, our distress is rooted in experiences from the past. I am honored to help people understand themselves more deeply, so that they can live fuller lives. My approach is based on your individual needs, psychodynamic theory, psychoanalysis, and yoga. Psychoanalysis and yoga both help to reach the unconscious. Using them together can allow for a deeper mind, body, soul connection to be made.

I work with adults, older adults, all gender identities, all sexualities, and all ethnicities.

I strive to be compassionate and direct with clients. My hope is to create a meaningful relationship that allows you to be vulnerable. Therapy is intimate work and finding a good fit for you is vital. I would consider it a privilege to be a part of your journey.