Monica Samelson, MD

Monica Samelson
Contact Information
  • Female
Seattle, Washington, USA
Practice Information
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychiatry

I am a psychiatrist available for in-depth psychotherapy and trauma recovery in Seattle, WA. My practice can also include medication management. I am currently only available for telehealth work — that means meeting through a secure video chat — and I do not have in-person office treatment available.

Psychotherapy works by building together a safe environment so that you can investigate the way your life experiences have led to certain beliefs, feelings, and behaviors. These ways of being in regards to yourself and relationships likely served you really well in the context of your early life, but might not be working as well anymore, or might have some unwanted side effects. Therapy helps you recognize these patterns so you can start the process of healing through grace for yourself, validation and integration of the hard feelings and memories that your early contexts created, and finally choicefulness going forward in order to live life in accordance with your desires, values, and sense of an authentic self. This process when it works best is collaborative, curious, deep, and evolving, and requires a striving towards understanding and openness from both of us.

As a therapist, I am especially interested in trauma recovery on an individual, interpersonal, and greater sociocultural level. I am working to integrate into my practice an appreciation for the impact of intergenerational trauma and racial trauma on individuals, and an understanding of the ongoing systemic problems in many spheres that impede recovery. I feel that community healing is part of individual recovery.