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Michal Inspektor, LICSW

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  • Female
1914 N 34th St, Suite 401, Seattle, Washington, USA 98103
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  • Psychotherapy

A warm welcome! My name is Michal Inspektor (pronounced Me-ha-l or Me-chal if you are comfortable with a guttural Ch!). I received my Masters in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh, but have mostly worked in Seattle since 2005. I have over 15 years of experience in providing psychodynamic, supportive, and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. I build meaningful therapeutic alliances with adults with anxiety, stress, relationships, mood, and adjustment issues.

I welcome patients to process their emotional responses and reflect in a space that feels nurturing, validating and curious. My goal is to increase insight into interpersonal obstacles, concerns, and wishes; and in return promote a fuller and more enriching life.

Please feel welcome to give me a call to see if we may be a good therapeutic fit. I look forward to hearing from you!