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Anthony Thomas, MD

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  • Psychiatry

I completed my residency training in psychiatry in June of 2019.  Since that time I have worked in emergency psychiatry.  I evaluate patients in crisis.  Patients generally present depressed with suicidal ideations and sometimes after a suicide attempt.  Patients often present during at acute psychosis.  Additionally, I oversee an inpatient psychiatric unit.  Most patients are of lower socioeconomic background and many come from underserved communities. Many patients are also severely mentally ill and unable to care for themselves without assistance from family or from public services.

I take a psychodynamic approach to my patients. I spend significant time not only hearing their symptoms but listening to how they may have developed their symptoms and how social relationships and social factors contribute to their clinical picture.  In addition to initiating medication I attempt to make each interaction with patients therapeutic.

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Washington, USA