Child Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program (CPPP)

Child at shoreSPSI has a long tradition of teaching child psychoanalytic psychotherapy dating back to the 1960s. Our Child Psychotherapy Program (CPP) focuses on the internal and external issues relating to a child’s development and on how the inner world influences behavior.

CPP draws on the contributions of the major schools of psychoanalysis including drive, ego, object, self, attachment, and normal versus pathological development. The training integrates this theoretical knowledge with the development of clinical expertise.

Consulting with an approved child analyst while practicing child psychotherapy is a vital part of the program.

CPP is comprised of a two-year curriculum of didactic seminars and case conferences. Consultation on private cases is available from consulting child analysts and a personal analysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy is highly recommended.

The Practice of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Consulting with an approved analyst while practicing psychotherapy is a vital part of the program. The student and consulting analyst can identify and develop the skills needed to successfully work psycho-dynamically with children.