“Rivals and Keepers: Sibling Transference and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy” with Jim Basinski, MD (SPSI Scientific Session)

Online via Zoom

David Hochbaum, "Sibling" (2005) The subject of siblings and transferences related to siblings has received little representation in psychoanalytic education and literature. Yet we frequently encounter its impact in our clinical work, personal life, and in mainstream culture. Traditionally viewed as potential rivals for parental affection or targets for aggression, sibling relationships in contemporary psychoanalytic theory


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We invite all SPSI Faculty, Emeritus Faculty, Clinical Associates, iCAPP Students, Instructors, Board Members, Associate Members, and Community Members to attend our 2022 Year-End and Graduation Party. The event will be held in-person at Wisteria Hall at the Graham Visitors Center in the Washington Park Arboretum—2300 Arboretum Drive East. Doors will open at 6:30pm, and