Letter to the SPSI Community regarding COVID-19

Dear SPSI Community,

We are in an extraordinary time. COVID-19 has disrupted everyday life to an extent most of us have never experienced, and the effects on all aspects of SPSI training are evolving daily. We hope you are aware of, and are complying with, the many social distancing requirements and suggestions that hopefully will get this pandemic under control. It’s clear at this point that it will take a great deal of time, and that we are going to need to work together to help shape the institute’s practices in order to best keep everyone—our members, their patients and those with whom they interact, and those in other areas and institutes with whom we typically interact—safe and as calmly responsible as possible in the coming months.

Here are actions we are taking:

  • All classes are to be held by Zoom until further notice.
  • Committee and Board meetings will be held by Zoom. Their manner of being conducted will be determined as time goes on.
  • All Scientific Sessions have been postponed indefinitely.
  • The end of the year party and graduation ceremony is, regrettably, postponed until we can safely gather.
  • Zan will be working from home, but is able to interact with Zoom meetings and handle all administrative issues via computer. He is reachable via the usual channels.
  • In person Infant Observations have been suspended. We know how difficult this is for the CAs and families, but it is necessary. Virtual observations may be arranged.
  • Practitioners are responsible for their own practices, but we encourage virtual sessions when possible.
  • Members are asked not to spread information or make suggestions via the SPSI members’ email list. Even the best intended messages are subject to the whims of a fast changing and easily misunderstood set of facts.

We know this is only a partial and growing list. We will make every attempt to inform everyone of developments and to address concerns. We have faith in the community to make every effort until this emergency has passed. Stay safe.

From the SPSI Board:
Rebecca Meredith, MA
Sheri A. Butler, MD PS
Píyale Cömert, PhD
Sue Radant, PhD
Andrea Furedy
Peggy Swenson
Alexa Albert, MD
Stan Case, MSW PhD
Zan Christensen (Admin.)

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